Build Employee Experience Excellence in Your Organization

Upskill your teams with the world’s first EX Design certification

What is Employee Experience?

Employee Experience (EX) is the combined thoughts, feelings and interactions that employees have at work.  EX defines the moments that together, shape workplace culture. 

Investing in EX has been proven to elevate business performance. 


Why does Employee Experience Design matter?

  • The new world of work is here. Every organization is facing new and challenging problems without a playbook. EX Design School provides a way forward.
  • Building EX Design capabilities makes Work better for all your employees and generates the best outcomes for your business.
  • EX Design is the way to retaining and attracting talent as we face a shrinking global workforce and employee demands for new ways to engage at work.

EX Design Certification from Excellent

Develop a custom EX operating model for your organization

Our program is designed to provide your organization with practical EX frameworks that can immediately be applied. You'll learn strategies and tactics from the world's best EX designers that will help you and your team design and deliver exceptional experiences for your employees.

Certification Overview


Excellent’s proven EX model

Excellent has uncovered the challenges facing EX Designers around the globe and created an actionable learning model to apply in your own organization creating competitive advantages and a strong employee brand.

Navigating resource allocation and prioritization is crucial for any team. The Excellent Employee Experience framework, PREP, supports EX Designers' efforts by categorizing discovery findings into four types of experiences:

  • Purpose
  • Relationship
  • Enabling
  • Performance

Looking at EX through the PREP framework provides new insights for teams, and recognizes that EX is a daily endeavor, not solely focused on HR moments in your employee’s lifecycle such as interviewing, onboarding, exiting, etc.

Your tutor

Learn more about the program by watching our info session:

  • The EX Design School Certification explained
  • Timeline and requirements
  • How certification will benefit your organization and your team’s careers
Your tutor

Community from day one

EX Design School offers an appealing learning experience with a range of enticing benefits:

  • Connect with pioneering EX thought leaders through exclusive events
  • Engage in a vibrant Slack community for questions, resource sharing, and - celebrations.
  • Receive dedicated support throughout your certification journey.
  • Attend enriching live events, and access a private Slack group with certified alumni and instructors ready to help.

“I think your educational products are the best out there in the Employee Experience space. I am, and will continue to be, a fan and endorser. The course content was easy for my team to consume and apply in their daily work.”


Laura Faith (she / her), Sr. Director, HRBP-Tech & People Experience


"I managed to change the way that I was looking at problems, my problem solving skills increased. My boss realised that I was doing things differently. The people that I was working with realised that it was more collaborative and very relaxed. It's been such a great experience, Excellent has made a super big difference for me."


Poncho Rivera-Pavon, Employer Branding, EX - Deloitte


“Since completing my EX Design Certification, I’ve used the tools and techniques I learned to further develop our EX Strategy with clear insights and strong alignment to our business priorities and the impact on our people and our clients.”


Jane Roques-Shaw, Dentsu


“I loved Excellent’s Certification program. It gave me community and applying what I’ve learned has united our team in taking a design-led approach to People projects through shared mindsets and frameworks."


Whitney Lenox, Patagonia


Empower your teams with the collective knowledge of Employee Experience Design. EX is at its most powerful when it’s applied org-wide.

Enterprises: Contact us for tailored pricing based on the number of team members you’d like to attend EX Design School. Packages will be offered to suit your organization’s needs and size. 

Individuals: Unlock your potential with our online certification program. Get certified for $3,999 USD - sign up here.


What role and level is best suited for Excellent’s EX certification course?

The EX certification course is ideal for HR/EX professionals, team leaders, managers, executives, and anyone interested in improving Employee Experience within their organization. It's beneficial across various levels of an organization with the aim of enhancing workplace culture and employee engagement.

Is any prior experience in HR or leadership required to take the EX certification?

While the EX certification may appeal to HR/EX professionals, prior experience in HR or team leadership isn’t required as the program is designed for people from a diverse range of backgrounds and roles.

How long is the course and what does it take to get certified?

Excellent’s EX certification course is self-paced over 12 months and provides comprehensive coverage of Employee Experience design principles, strategies, and implementation techniques. It typically entails learning the content over the first six months, and then applying the lessons in real world scenarios over the next six months

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the program?

There are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in the EX certification program. A passion for improving employee experience, and a commitment to learning are highly encouraged.

Can teams take the certification together?

We encourage and support team learning. Collaborative learning fosters a shared understanding and implementation of Employee Experience design principles within your organization.

How much does the certification cost?

For large organizations and enterprises, the cost of the EX certification program depends on the number of participants and customization options required. Please contact our team for detailed pricing information and package options tailored to your organization's needs.

What technology tools and platforms are needed to access the course?

To access the EX certification course, participants need a reliable internet connection and access to a computer or mobile device. The course materials are accessible through our online learning platform. We host monthly virtual events using Zoom. Our community is hosted on Slack, a work productivity app.

How is the certification assessment conducted, and what are the criteria to pass?

The certification assessment consists of completing the 15 online lessons, selecting and completing a project, documenting learning in a case study and a 1:1 with our evaluator. Passing criteria may vary, but generally require satisfactory performance across all assessment components.

What learning resources and support are provided during the certification course?

Participants in the EX certification course have access to a variety of learning resources, including online modules, downloadable content, masterclass library, monthly virtual events, and discussion forums. Ongoing, dedicated support from the Excellent team is available to assist participants throughout their learning journey.

Are there ongoing support and networking opportunities after completing the program?

Graduates have access to ongoing support and networking opportunities through our Excellent Membership community once they have completed the program.

What sets Excellent’s EX certification program apart?

Our EX certification is the first in the world. Our program stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, practical approach, masterclass library, committed network of EX Designers, and commitment to continuous improvement. We emphasize hands-on learning, real-world application, collaboration, and ensuring participants gain actionable skills and knowledge to drive positive change within their organizations.

Can I put "Certified EX Designer" on my LinkedIn profile?

Absolutely! Your certification proves your expertise, making you a leader and advocate for the EX revolution. You'll also have access to career development and advancement opportunities.