Our vision is to make Work better for everyone

When individuals thrive, organizations prosper and communities flourish.


At Excellent, we are on a mission to empower leaders to attract and retain talent by creating the best possible work environments.

Our founder, Samantha Gadd, is driven to help organizations thrive by treating employees as key stakeholders, giving every employee a voice in the decisions and experiences that impact them.

Samantha founded Excellent to empower leaders to design and deliver compelling employee experiences that recognize the world of work is changing, and along with it, the expectations of new generations of workers. 

Samantha has spent her entire career in Employee Experience (EX), including founding New Zealand's largest and leading Employee Experience agency, Humankind. Humankind has served over one thousand organizations, helping them achieve their strategies by building strong workplaces with EX Design at their core.

In 2022 Samantha led a group of global leaders in the U.S. to craft an Employee Experience Manifesto for the world, and in 2023 she gathered together EX and People leaders to form the Global EX Council. The team at Excellent is deeply passionate about the future of work and are dedicated to helping organizations to develop their EX Design capabilities.

To help leaders succeed, Excellent has developed the first recognized certification for EX Designers. We have also built the world’s only Employee Experience membership organization to provide professional development, kinship and support on an ongoing basis.