Let's Talk PX (People Experience).

Community Series Volume 3 with Marie Krebs, Head of People Experience Design, Build A Rocket Boy.

Tell us about your background?

I’m Marie 👋

I am the Head of People Experience Design at Build a Rocket Boy. We're a 400+ person, Series C gaming studio building a new, multi-world game experience that will redefine how players connect with each other and the digital world around them.

"My job is to enable people project teams to design and deliver change at scale."

Previously, I started at Learnerbly with no experience and built the foundations of the Employee Experience from scratch. Think onboarding process and the like. I was promoted into my first PX role through to the power of community and “mentoring”. I did a short stint in crypto and boomeranged back to Learnerbly because their context has shifted and there was lots I could learn from their new Head of People, Lauren Gomes. Together, using Agile ways of working (Think: EX) we built and open-sourced all our work on how to enable and drive performance.

Break down PX for us? 

PX stands for People Experience, or the experience that employees have at work. The focus is the same as HR: People at work, but the ways of working are different. They're Agile, inspired by Product, Design, and UX. In practice, it means we build employee experience that responds to business needs with the employees, so they can thrive at work. A win-win for them, and the business. Here is an article I wrote about People Ops, People Experience and Definitions.

What are your top three resources for a budding PX enthusiast? 

In no particular order.

- JooBee Yeow's blog series on Scaling Startups.

- Jessica Zwaan's book 'Built for People' and everything else she created.

- Mikaila Read's App Script for PX Ops mini-course.

Bonus... Excellent of course 😉

Marie Krebs

Marie Krebs

Head of People Experience Design, Build A Rocket Boy My job is to enable people project teams to design and deliver change at scale.


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