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Let’s chat EX with Holly Gibson

What sparked your passion for Employee Experience Design?

I’m Holly 👋

What sparked my passion was joining an organisation with a design thinking practice and being blown away by the impact of the work they were doing. Employee experience design allows me to apply design thinking and really let go of owning solutions, with a win-win of incredible results.

EX Design celebrates listening, co-creating and giving people an opportunity to have ownership and influence in their Employee Experience.This makes me feel great every day that I have the privilege to support this.

In a nutshell how can organisations create a supportive environment?

It sounds cliche, but the more your environment promotes people being able to bring their whole selves to work, the better. Secondly,

Having techniques and tools to help leaders and individuals identify their own values around work and what lights them up is hugely helpful.

What is one tip you have for someone new to the co-design process?

I love to ponder this question:

Am I the right person to solve this?


If you're used to controlling the delivery of work, being the problem solver or have a tendency to like to work quickly towards a solution, it can feel clunky and strange, to begin with ... though it pays dividends if you slow down to speed up.

Holly Gibson

Holly Gibson

Excellent EX Certified Designer Holly Gibson is the Head of People and Capability, Dynamic Controls.


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