Beyond Boundaries: Embracing People-Centric Async Work.

Community Series Volume Six with Jessica Shears PeopleOps at Supabase.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on a people-centric approach within an asynchronous work environment.

By nature an asynchronous work environment is people-centric. The balance between work and life looks different for all of us. Async work gives individuals the flexibility to work when they are most productive and be present in their personal lives when it’s most impactful. It’s important to recognize that even those of us that prefer an async work environment will want to spend time building personal connections with their colleagues. After all, we are all human. Co-create these with your team!

Tell us your top three tips on how to effectively leverage the power of asynchronous work:

My top three tips are:

  • Have clear operating principles. This gives everyone clear expectations so they can work autonomously while staying aligned.
  • Document everything. Team meetings, project plans, discussions, company updates. Information transparency eliminates silos and leads to awesome cross-functional collaboration.
  • Invest in processes. Yes, a solid tech stack is important but creating, iterating and documenting (!!) robust processes will lead to successful async collaboration.

How does building a globally distributed team enhance the employee experience, creating a dynamic and enriching work environment that goes beyond geographical boundaries?

Eliminating geographical boundaries opens up a global talent pool. Companies aren’t constrained by locations when finding the best candidate for the role and individuals no longer need to choose between where they want to live and a fulfilling job. A win-win! On top of that, the diversity of perspectives, experience and expertise in a global team leads to innovation, growth and ultimately business performance.


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