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Excellent helps organizations develop Employee Experience Design capabilities through learning, certification and community.

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When team members become certified Employee Experience designers, employees excel and your organization prospers.

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A new era in managing our global workforce

The pandemic gave employees the chance to reexamine not only where they want to work, but the role of work in their lives. 


Expectations of work are fast evolving

Each person wants to be empowered to do what they do best, treated as key stakeholders, acknowledged, and have their needs met.


Command and control isn’t working

Legacy ways of managing teams harm productivity, drive down engagement, and make it challenging to retain and hire employees.

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A New Way to Approach Employees’ Relationship to Work

Leaders are grappling with shifting external economic, political, and social challenges, which in turn influence public perceptions and impact how employees are engaging with their work.

At Excellent, our vision is to make Work better for everyone. We believe that when individuals thrive at work, organizations prospect and communities flourish.

Employee Experience (EX) is the way forward, which is why we have developed the world's first EX Design school offering a certification program.

What is Excellent?

Designed to make Work better for everyone


EX Design School

Excellent offers the first recognized certification for EX Designers so leaders can design and build compelling workplace experiences that attract and retain talent.


EX Community

Excellent has created the world’s only EX membership community. Attend inspiring events and connect with EX leaders from around the globe.


Excellent Labs

Excellent Labs is the heart of our ongoing ideation as we reimagine and reshape the future of Work. Engaging Gen Z requires new approaches that meet their needs.


“We’re firm believers in Employee Experience Design. It’s clear that if our employees’ needs are better met, they do better work and create better outcomes for our businesses.”


Laura Faith (she / her), Sr. Director, HRBP-Tech & People Experience


“Employee experience isn’t just the ‘moments that matter’ like onboarding or promotions, it’s also understanding the lived experiences of your people… their relationships with managers; their experience of the tools and systems they use to do their jobs; the impact of life moments; and whether they feel listened too.”


Jane Roques-Shaw, Dentsu


“EX Design has transformed our approach to project management and we’re seeing our teams energized by their work and the outcomes they’re creating. Our team members are deeply resonating with what we’re designing and delivering!”



Whitney Lenox, Patagonia

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