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Designing Awesome Workplaces

Community Series Volume 10 with Melanie Fisher.

Samantha Gadd and Jenny Busing
Your passion for creating amazing workplaces is contagious! Can you give us a glimpse?

Hey there! I'm one of the Founders at The People and Culture Collective. My job is all about making work awesome for our clients' workplaces. You know how some workplaces feel like a second home, where you're excited to go every day? That's what I help create for our clients.  So, my days are filled with co-creating people activities like helping companies build amazing teams, making sure everyone's voices are heard, and creating programs that keep employees healthy and happy. Plus, I'm super passionate about making sure everyone gets a fair shot at success, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Spill the beans! What ignited your journey into employee experience design?

My journey into employee experience design actually started with a personal passion for making life better inside of work. I've always been fascinated by what makes people tick and what brings out the best in them. That curiosity naturally led me to the world of employee experience.

As for my top people tips, here they are:

  • Listen, Really Listen:The best way to understand people is by listening. Pay attention to their thoughts, concerns, and ideas. Sometimes, the most valuable insights come from just being a good listener.  And don't feel like you have to fill the silence!
  • Empathy Rules: Put yourself in someone else's shoes. It's the golden rule for a reason. When you understand what others are going through, you can create solutions and experiences that truly resonate with them.
  • Keep Learning: The world is always changing, and so are people. Stay curious and open to learning. The more you know, the better you can adapt and design experiences that resonate.
  • Transparency: Be as open and transparent as possible. Honesty builds trust, and trust is the foundation of strong relationships.
Lastly, what is your workplace superpower & how would it enhance the Employee Experience?

If I could have a superpower at work, it would definitely be the power of "Empathy Vision."With Empathy Vision, I'd be able to instantly understand exactly how people are feeling. I'd know when they're excited about a project, when they're stressed, or even when they just need a little boost of encouragement. In a nutshell, my Empathy Vision superpower would be all about making work a place where everyone feels seen, heard, and supported.

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