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The EX Manifesto is shaping the future of EX for the world.

The EX Manifesto: the definitions, the values, and the principles of EX and EX Design.

In 2022, 34 influential employee experience (EX) ideators, practitioners, and future-thinkers worked together to define EX for modern businesses. The outcome of this work is the EX Manifesto

The EX Manifesto

Employee Experience (EX) defines the moments that, together, shape workplace culture. While workplace culture itself cannot be designed, the experiences that shape workplace culture can.

Investing in EX elevates business performance through employee wellbeing. Organizations proactively improving their EX will outperform organizations reacting to employee pain points.

EX Design defines Employee Experience
‍Employee Experience shapes Workplace Culture
‍Workplace Culture elevates organizational performance.

The Definition of EX

Use these values to reframe conversations and success metrics.

Workplace Culture: The collective experience of work
Employee Experience (EX): The individual experience of work
EX Design: The mindful creation of employee experiences

The Values of EX

Use these values to reframe conversations and success metrics.
Work as enriching
Work as extractive
Unlocking talent
Fighting for talent

Work contributes to wellbeing. Organizations who look past seeing humans as resources will put more into employees' lives than they take out.

When your organization becomes an environment for performance development, a small pool of top talent is no longer a problem.

Employees create customer outcomes. Delivering great employee experience directly improves customer experience.

The Seven Principles of EX Design

Use these principles to shape your design process and outcomes.
1. Find mutually beneficial outcomes for both organization and employees through the EX Design process. 2. Take a human-centred approach that encourages reciprocal trust and understanding, not traditional top-down management practices. 3. Support a continuous process of investigation, ideation, implementation and measurement. Just as culture is never ‘finished’, EX Design is never ‘done’. 4. Design with, not for, employees. Co-design puts the needs of employees at its heart because no one knows their needs better than they do. 5. Welcome tough conversations. They create value and signal that your people trust your organization. 6. Instil ownership in every leader in the organization – it’s not just up to HR. Draw on cross-functional teams and design capability. 7. Measure progress through improved performance. Measure maturity through the level of influence employees have in shaping their own EX.

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'I really like how EX is much broader than traditional HR and based on the principle that work should benefit both individuals and organisations - people are more than just resources and the role of the organisation is to foster growth of individual as well as organisational growth.  

I'm looking forward to bringing these principles to life.'

- Manifesto Supporter

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